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Please use the documents when promoting our services to merchants. 

Good luck and happy selling. Please call us if you have any questions! To refer a merchant click here

Set up a business with Wi-Fi with our partner for only $7.95 and that includes shipping.

To set up a business owner over the phone with Wi-Fi that links to their face book or Twitter account please submit your client here: use discount code 62TO

It will run their credit card for $7.95 and the router will be shipped out to them that day. Normal delivery time is 7 days. You must create a log in with your customer over the phone and call the main office to verify that the client is registered correctly to get credit for this account. No exceptions!

Stand Up ATM Paperwork

Send to Merchants



Free Placement- Send to merchants- Merchants must qualify with large amounts of walk in traffic and not all merchants will qualify. Try to lease instead the ATM for $99.00 a month

Free placement paperwork


Counter Top ATM Paperwork

Send to Merchants and fax back 877-807-5566 only 

If they want to lease the terminal...

We have them on sale right now for $34.95 a month for 48 months on the front of the site. Lease cap on the 2085 is $70.00 for 48 mo / Lease cap on the 8100 is $70.00 for 48 mo.

Check Processing




Send to merchants

NON Imaging


Checks on the internet with Authorize.net

  • Call the office this get this doc

Check Training-

CMS and Cross Check Services Overview

Training class with Todd

Target List of merchants


Merchant Account Paperwork:

  C Bank Paperwork:


Wireless paperwork

MO/TO Paperwork

Normal sell rates for merchants

Retail Swipe Card Present

  •  1.79% Credit Discount Rate
  • .30 cents per transaction
  • 1.59% Debit
  • .35 cents per transaction
  • $10.00 statement fee
  • 25.00 monthly min

Internet Processing

  • 2.29% Credit Discount rate
  • .30 cents per transaction fee
  • $10.00 Statement fee
  • $199.00 set up fee for Authorize.net or we give a free gateway with FNP

Wireless Retail Swipe Card Present

  •  1.79% Credit Discount Rate
  • .30 cents per transaction
  • .10 Wireless fee
  • 1.59% Debit
  • .35 cents per transaction
  • $10.00 statement fee
  • 25.00 monthly min
  • 20.00 wireless data line monthly fee


High Risk

B Bank Merchant Applications

Merchant applications

Retail send to merchants


MO/TO internet


Merchant applications

Send out to merchants for them to set up credit cad processing with quickbooks.

Call to refer someone 877-807-5566

Cash Advance

Send out to merchants

Must have a min of $8000.00 monthly volume or above must have 12 months bank account and credit card processing statements submitted online with the application. Click the link below to submit a client then call the main office and tell us about your clients submission. This way we can get right on the account with no delays.

($4500 monthly volume and above and can only advance on credit card processing NOT CHECKS like the one above. Must have at least 12 months credit card processing statements, merchants bank statement, with the below applications and faxed back to 877-807-5566

All applications when faxed in will create a quote from the underwriters on how much we can give to the merchant as an advance with in 24 hrs! Once we get the signed ok from the merchant then the underwriters will call the merchant to discuss the next steps and your done. Just get the applications back to 951-848-9060 and the statements then move on to the next deal.

On average pay back is never more than 10% of their daily total.

Cash advance sales pitches



Leasing Cap Amounts (Please check this first when selling a merchant)

Business lines of credit 

Now you can get any business owner with a credit score above 720 up to $500000.00 in business credit. (Any credit score below 700 they wont look at for this program)

Send out to Merchants

  • Application (Must be completely filled out or they wont accept it.
  • FAQ


Check cashing store set up

Send out to merchants

Set up usually takes about 14 days to get the entire store set up.


Submit your text messaging account here








ATM Machines

ATM machines can help your business profit from each time a person takes money out of the machine. Click here to learn more.

Apply for a Merchant Account!!

So your ready to sign up for a merchant account but you need a form to fill out to get it set up. Well click here and we will get you a great merchant account rate and company to work with- We are a registered agent for over 10 different companies. Translation- you will get the best possible rate and service on credit card processing!!!

No application fee-No deposit-