Retail Merchant Services Accounts

A retail payment processing account is just a way for you to accept credit cards from your customers. It is very simple to set up a payment processing account with a Bank like Wells Fargo or B of A. All you have to do is contact us by filling out the form below with your information and we will give your information to our partners.

With our partners it is really that simple.

Let’s look at the different kinds of accounts that are available in today’s market place.

  1. Convenience stores: This is called quick service payment processing account. It handles small payment transactions under $10.00 if you have a lot of transactions under $10.00 you will need one of these.
  2. Regular Retail location: This option has a number of ways you can send your payments to the processor including a retail terminal that we can provide for your business. All terminals that we provide are completely EMV complaint. Most of the terminals we provide are not only top of the line and brand new but shipped directly to your business location.
  3. Point Of Sale (Payment processing and inventory) system: This is a full computer that handles everything you can think of when your running a full scale restaurant or hotel.
  4.  Mobile Processing: We can set you up with a little plug in to your phone piece of hardware that will accept credit cards via your cellular network.


Please fill out the form and we will call you shortly for details.

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