Business Credit and Capital

When a business is looking for a line of credit to purchase more products or buy equipment we suggest this company Business Credit and Capital they have some excellent terms and are always willing to help every business owner to the fullest extent. Please fill out the form below and we will send you their application to fill out. It is a paper application so it takes a human to send it to you.

Business Credit and Capital

● 500 Minimum Credit Score
● Minimum of 67% ownership must sign
● 6 months of ownership
● Maximum of 3 negative days per month
● Minimum average daily bank balance of $1,000
● Minimum deposit count of 4 per month
● Minimum 4 months of bank statements required with submissions
● $10,000+ per month in gross sales
● Merchant must net 50% of the funding amount after paying off competitor
● Tax liens or judgments must be paid / released or in a payment plan
● Current on rent and at least 75% of the funding turn remaining on lease
● Maximum pull from gross volume is 15%

Maximum Line of Credit Amount: $250,000

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