Commercial Equipment Lending

Every business needs new equipment from time to time.

We have partnered with a great commercial equipment leasing company.

We know from experience that building a solid relationship is a two way street. That is why we have been able to build and manage solid relationships with countless businesses. Because we have been successful in this arena, we are able to be selective in who we choose to do business with which is why we only partner with companies that place a high value on the relationship aspect of the business.

We have a network of private investors and strategic partnerships we that work with us to offer creative funding solutions to get your business to the next level . We are privately funded and do our own underwriting, which gives us the ability to fund customers that traditional sources typically walk away from. Through this unique network we are able to offer Commercial Equipment Leasing, Purchase Leaseback, Revenue Based Advances and Loans.

Minimum Credit Score? 450 (depends on equipment type)

Rough idea of time frame? 24-48 hours for approval, funding within a few days of approval (titled vehicles take the longest).

Average Rate and Term?  36 month terms 30% APR.  Appraisal Fee that they need to come up with after approval but before appraisal takes place.

Highest/Lowest Rate? 8%-60% APR

Shortest/Longest Term? 24-60 months

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Payment? Monthly payment

State Restrictions?  None!

What types of equipment are we looking to finance?

We really like the following:
-Titled Vehicles (Tow Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Box Trucks, Dump Trucks, etc.)
-Construction Equipment (Dozers, Earth Movers, Cranes, Drills, Graders, Rollers, Pavers, etc)
-Medical Equipment (MRI, X-Ray, EMR Hardware, etc)
-Office Furnature
-POS Systems
-Unique machinery

-Can lease in all 50 states

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